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The journalists were prevented by the police Избранное

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Ukrainian journalists who investigated the reasons for the explosion of an apartment building in Kiev, prevented by the local police.


The other day the gournalists of the Ukrainian news agency ’Ukrpress – Info’ worked on the ruins of a house in the Golosiivskyi district of the Ukrainian capital. After explaining the details of the explosion to the victims on July 8, when the people were killed, the journalists wanted to climb the stairs and inspect the approaches to the attic.


At that moment, the policemen blocked the road to the media workers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlKDx8A05wM&t=16s


Together with his colleague, he not only prevented to journalists from fulfilling their professional duties, but even referred to the law on the new police of Ukraine, allegedly allowing such actions by policemen, - said yesterday, July 19, 2017 – web-site of Ukrainian news agency ‘UKRPRESS-ІNFO’ http://www.ukrpress.info/2017/07/19/terakt-na-golosievo-abo-nichogo-osobistogo-prosto-biznes/

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