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Начальник управления по борьбе с экономической преступностью в Харьковской области подполковник Плащенков С. О. После подведения, на днях, итогов работы, объявил личному составу, что за то, чтобы остаться в БЭПе с оперов по 3000 доларов, а с начальников по 5000 доларов. У нас вопрос — сколько можно платить и куда пойдут эти деньги?


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It's also true the government would prefer if cameras were not around when the fallen come home within caskets.But for hundreds of soldier's families, the president isn't necessarily a man who turns the deaf ear to the war's grief and disappointment.When Staff Sgt. Scott Thornton died in Baghdad's Ing Rashid district, Mr. Rose bush met with his younger widow, one on one, during a trip to Fort Hood."He's extremely sincere, he's quite caring and very compassionate," Ellen Thornton says. "You can inform that he struggles daily with the loss of life."Mr. Bush's group meetings with families of military killed in conflict are private moments, Cowan says. The click is never allowed, and the meetings are short.Inge Colton took her boy, Lance, hoping obama would apologize for you to him for the decrease of his father, Shane Colton.He did."I'm not going to say it helped about how I felt about losing my partner," Inge Colton says. "It failed to. 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During a media conference Wednesday within California, Chapman said he or she planned to return to Central america "soon."It was unclear wherever Chapman was Monday.Pineda informed The Associated Push the three could do whatever they wanted using their free time — as long as they checked in with court officers every Monday morning hours.Pineda last month ordered these tried on expenses of criminal association and deprivation regarding liberty for their make an effort to grab Luster in the streets of Cabo san lucas. The Max Issue heir was on the run soon after being convicted inside absentia in California involving drugging and raping three females.Prosecutors argue the resources hunters should have gone to police instead of snagging Original appeal themselves.Pineda released the particular bounty hunters on $1,430 bail each. 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Some 1,300 firefighters were working the fire at its optimum last week.If the flames doesn't flare up once again, it is expected to become out by Weekend night, Pasinato said.In spite of all the devastation, certainly not everything in Los Alamos had been destroyed. At Bandelier Country wide Monument, where the fire began, tourists are once again visiting the ancient wrecks.CBS Worldwide Corporation. All Rights Set aside. This material may not be posted, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report ugg boots chestnut It doesn?'t acquire much to make a heat wave in Moscow, however this summer the city continues to be hot by any individual?'s measure. Temperatures in June have been the highest in 25 years or so. To cool off, Muscovites deprive down and take to the water, reports Cbs television studios News Correspondent Donald Hawkins. Almost any water will perform, but if they can break free, most head to the beach front. In the city, very often means the Moscow Pond. With all the pollution within a river lined using factories, that would be high-risk enough. But the biggest thing in the river isn?'t industrial waste: The idea?'s the Russians by themselves. So far this summer, more than 150 people have perished in Moscow alone. That will?'s about five a day -- and today is not likely to be any different.Fault the usual suspects: An excessive amount of alcohol and not sufficient money. Drinking and diving accounts for the majority of drownings. About half of the victims are inebriated males.Most of the rest are children. Swimming lessons, once a Soviet camp requirement, are now just too expensive. Adding to the chance, lifeguards at general public beaches are few in number.No one is keeping track of the number of victims nationwide, though the drowning death fee in Russia is about five times as high as in the us.The weather forecast for your weeks to come? More of the same. So no one expects the alarming number of drownings to drop sooner, at least not until the temperature does. veste moncler femme Consumer advocate Dr. Sid Wolfe twice petitioned the FDA to ban Lotronex. moncler lans Social Security's long-term prospects are better than previously thought, a congressional report said Monday, estimating this system won't become insolvent until 2052, several years later than projected earlier this year.The report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office still paints a bleak financial picture for the future of the retirement system, which faces significant strain as the aging baby boom generation retires.The bipartisan trustees who oversee Social Security predicted in March the system's shortfall would be 1.89 percent of taxable payroll, or about $3.7 trillion.But using rosier economic assumptions on the next 75 years on things such as inflation and productivity, congressional budget forecasters said the shortfall could be 1 percent of taxable payroll.The report has come about as debate continues over purchasing the shortfall. Cutting benefits or raising taxes would be the most common suggestions, reports CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss, though President Bush favors partially privatizing it by letting people directly invest a few Social Security taxes."While the variations in the estimates should be fully studied by economists and actuaries, they aren't an excuse to delay strengthening Social Security," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who may have introduced legislation to overhaul Social Security permit younger workers invest a few payroll taxes in the currency markets through personal accounts."Even with the more optimistic assumptions utilised by the CBO, the long term deficits facing Social Security don't go away," he said.But opponents of offers to partially privatize Social Security the new report raises queries about the severity of system's finances."The CBO report shows how tentative estimates about the problems of Social Security are, and the way absurd it would be for policy-makers to dramatically affect the program based on those numbers," said Barbara Kennelly, president in the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.Both reports pegged 2019 because the year the system will start having to pay more in benefits pc takes in payroll taxes.Analysts point out that date is likely more significant because the insolvency projections count on funds owed it by the government in the so-called trust fund. Those funds, however, already been spent and has to be repaid. moncler bulgarie In a setback for the new Palestinian prime minister, parliament on Thursday put off a vote on his new Cabinet as a result of intense last-minute wrangling.The vote was rescheduled for Saturday.Meanwhile, a suicide bomber Thursday detonated explosives near a military base in the West Bank. Initial reports said the attacker was obviously a woman. The bomber was killed, as well as Israelis wounded, one seriously. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.Also Thursday, CBS News Correspondent Robert Bergerreports there are fresh indications that Arafat's health may be deteriorating. A joint team of Jordanian and Egyptian doctors arrived in the West Bank town of Ramallah, to help remedy the ailing leader, who's been suffering from a mysterious stomach ailment for Ten days. Palestinian officials say the 74-year-old Arafat has had a higher fever, severe diarrhea and vomiting, nevertheless they denied a British newspaper report that he suffered a mild heart attack. One Palestinian Web site reported that Arafat has been poisoned.Legislators had already convened under western culture Bank town of Ramallah and had been expecting an hour for the session to begin when the announcement of the postponement is made."Everyone has his own script and thus we feel that we need more time. We have been sorry for troubling you," Deputy Parliament Speaker Ibrahim Abu Najar told legislators.The argument centered on the formation and makeup in the new Cabinet. On Sunday, Arafat had installed an eight-member emergency Cabinet which could have served for one month before seeking approval from parliament.However, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia decided to seek parliamentary approval already on Thursday to be able to turn his Cabinet in to a regular government as quickly as possible. However, lots of the legislators, including those who has not been included in the Cabinet, voiced objections. Israel has low expectations for Qureia, reports Berger.Israeli foreign minister Silvan Shalom says Israel won't deal with any regime that's a rubber stamp for Arafat. "Because he's trying to undermine any regime as well as any efforts and any prime minister that can move toward peace with Israel," Shalom said. moncler soldes femme A defense lawyer in Saddam Hussein's mass murder trial who had been kidnapped has been found dead, his body dumped near a Baghdad mosque, police plus a top lawyers' union official said Friday.Saadoun Sughaiyer al-Janabi was abducted from his office Thursday evening, a day after he participated in the initial session of the trial, serving as the lawyer of one Saddam's seven co-defendants.His body, with two bullet shots towards the head, was found hours down the road a sidewalk near Fardous Mosque within the eastern neighborhood of Ur, at the site of his office, said police Maj. Falah al-Mohammedawi. His identity was confirmed Friday, al-Mohammedawi said.Diaa al-Saadi, a senior lawyers syndicate official, said al-Janabi's family confirmed to him al-Janabi was dead. "He was killed. It really is confirmed," al-Saadi said."This may have grave repercussions. This will hinder lawyers from defending those held for political reasons," al-Saadi warned.The killing was the 1st set-back for a tribunal that has been held under tight security."The trial of Bottom is taking place under the toughest circumstances, with witnesses intimidated and lawyers for both defense and prosecution threatened," said CBS News foreign affairs analyst Pamela Falk, "because the perception in Iraq is the stakes are so high." "The best the Iraqi police can do is attempt to protect all participants in an atmosphere that is far from secure," said Falk, "which today's kidnapping underscores."Heavy protection was provided for prosecutors and judges in the Saddam trial, on the theory that they were likely targets of pro-Saddam insurgents seeking revenge. 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"He would pin me contrary to the wall, and he would put his on the job my throat."She never told anyone before night she fell and hit her head against a wrought iron bed. It absolutely was then that she encountered a sympathetic Navy police officer while being treated at the hospital."He said 'Miss Thompson, everyone knows what's going on. We just need to hear it from you.'," she recalls. "And I told him everything. It just came spilling out of me."Thompson's story details just the kind of domestic violence Adm. Archie Clemins, commander with the Pacific Fleet, calls a serious problem. "Every day," Clemins writes within a message, "there is another report of rape, sexual assault or spousal abuse."Last year, there are reports of 60 rapes, 60 sexual assaults, and over 275 instances of domestic abuse inside the Pacific Fleet, and that's a lot better than it used to be. It's no wonder Clemins writes, "We have got to find a way to reduce this violence." Ronald Thompson was arrested and arrested for assaulting his wife. It becomes an action his first wife, Robin, says was long overdue. "He's doing to her the exact things under the same circumstances which he did to me, but no person would believe me," she says. When Robin complained repeatedly for the Navy about the abuse, she says they treated her much more a perpetrator than a victim, asking "Well, how were you behaving? What were you doing at the time?"She feels that, "They just didn't wish to deal with it, it just wasn't their problem." The good news is the military is starting to stop paying it.In one new program, Marines are now being taught to prevent both both mental and physical abuse of women. Classes presume that although most men aren't abusive, fortunately they are not likely to speak up after they see domestic violence happening to someone else.Jackson Katz designed this software, and he says the Marine Corps is the first large institution in the us to try this type of training."The main thing is silence, trying to break the silence," Katz says. "Because The year progresses in with the presumption that most men are not abusive, but many men don't speak up in the face of other men's abuse."We talk this big talk - force and readiness, first to battle - and then we're prepared to stand there and watch somebody get pummeled because we don't want to get involved," women Marine said. "It's kind of hypocritical." Ronal Thompson, by all accounts a first-rate sailor, pled guilty, served seven months within the brig, and was kicked out from the Navy. Fearing for her life, Lorrie Thompson has gone into a witness protection program. moncler china Earnings warnings from companies including Philip Morris and Fuel prices sent stocks tumbling Friday, canceling out gains from the two-day rally in blue chips. The Dow Jones industrials plunged nearly 300 points.Scaled-back profit forecasts for several high-profile companies discouraged investors, stifling the market's ability to sustain its rally and leading portfolio managers to dump losing stocks, analysts said. Lackluster economic news also helped depress the market."Looking back at those two era of gains, no brave marketplace was created. We still had concerns with regards to a war with Iraq, we still had earnings warnings," said Bryan Piskorowski, market commentator at Prudential Securities."So as soon as the bargain-hunting stopped, we were back to where i was," he said. "Then (the declines) start to snowball and no one is prepared to be a hero," he explained.The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 295.67 points, or 3.7 percent, to 7,701.45, after rising nearly 314 points within the previous two sessions.Broader stock indicators also finished lower. The Nasdaq composite index fell 22.53, or 1.9 percent, to 1,199.08. The Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 27.59, or 3.2 percent, to 827.36.Analysts said some of Friday's declines may be a result of "window-dressing," or perhaps attempt by institutional investors to create their holdings look as well as possible at a quarter's end. The truth that two economic reports released Friday offered little reassurance of an strengthening economy added to the losses."The undeniable fact that you have a disproportionate number of companies identifying negative pre-announcements not anticipated by analysts prior to last couple of weeks makes it a lot more difficult environment," said Joseph V. 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